Why We’re Harvesting the First-Ever Certified Drought Tolerant Sod in BC

Here at Western Turf Farms, we believe that a move towards more environmentally-friendly sod is the right way to go. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll be the first to grow and harvest 50 acres of the first-ever certified drought-tolerant sod in British Columbia.  What makes our sod drought-tolerant?  The sod blend is […]

Green Roofs and Parks for Healthy Cities

How city parks, green roofs, permeable parkings and swales make cities green and cool again. Built of glass, steal, and concrete, urban cities were made to “last”, not to grapple with the ebbs and flows of climate change. Increasing temperatures and greater precipitation are felt more intensely in the concrete jungles where heat is deflected […]

September 28th, 2017|Blog, Municipal Turf|

Preventing Chafer Beetles with Tall Fescue

Preventing Chafer Beetles with Tall Fescue Struggling with Chafer Beetle damage (or trying to avoid it)? Good news! There’s a solution: Tall Fescue. Chafer beetles are undoubtedly the bane of Vancouver Lawns. With raccoons and other animals tearing up turf to root out the high protein larvae that have spent weeks or even months eating […]

Watering Your Lawn in a Drought Isn’t All Bad. A Look at the Science

Watering lawns in a drought - bc turf farms Photo Credit: Phil Roeder

Watering Your Lawn in a Drought Isn’t All Bad

There’s a drought in British Columbia and you’ve no doubt heard about the municipal regulations banning watering your lawn. ‘Water shaming’ is now a thing, with neighbours informing on each other for putting out the sprinkler for a few minutes to try to salvage their grass. That’s just common sense, right? No rain means we’ve got to save all the water we can for higher priorities. Except, in this case, common sense isn’t right – and the science around grass lawns points to a more balanced approach to watering.

In a CBC interview this week, Alan White of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association points out that giving your lawn just an inch of water a week is enough for it to survive through a dry time like this. Indeed, a well-maintained lawn can go up to 21 days without watering. At a time of drought, it’s certainly not necessary to maintain a lush green lawn that could double for a golf course – but letting it die off can actually make our dry, hot conditions even worse. […]

Buy Drought Resistant Low Water Sod. Be Eco Friendly and Don’t Get Hosed by Fines

Be Eco Friendly with Drought Resistant and Low Water Sod It could be a hot, dry summer – and putting our low-water sod on your home lawn can help you weather a perfect storm of climate change and government regulation. Are you ready for the new water restrictions in your area that have come into […]

June 30th, 2015|Blog, Grass Turf Residential, Municipal Turf|

Natural Grass Sports Fields Beat Artificial Turf. Part 2

Natural Grass Sports Fields Beat Artificial Turf. Part 2 A little while back, we wrote about how natural grass turf beats artificial turf for sports fields. Are we a little biased? Sure. But it seems players, sports field superintendents and Forbes Magazine agrees with us. The only reason there’s any controversy at all seems to […]

January 23rd, 2015|Blog, Municipal Turf, Sports Turf|

How To Keep Your Vancouver Lawn Safe from the Chafer Beetle

How To Keep Your Vancouver Lawn Safe from the Chafer Beetle Noticed some unwanted guests in your neighbourhood? Lurking just a few inches beneath your Vancouver lawn there might be a menace squirming in your topsoil, chewing through your root system of your turf and grass. From New Westminster to Burnaby, Richmond and the western […]

December 12th, 2014|Blog, Grass Turf Residential, Home Lawn Care, Municipal Turf|

Utility Grade Turf for the Lazy Maintenance Professional

Utility Grade Turf for the Lazy Maintenance Professional If you’re a professional maintenance person in charge of tending to a municipal lawn, public park, roadside, city boulevards, sidewalks or other kinds of green space, you may already finding it difficult to keep up. Week in and week out, that grass just keeps growing – and […]

August 27th, 2014|Blog, Municipal Turf, Sports Turf|