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For more than 50 years, our family has been growing grass sod and helping homeowners to create beautiful and healthy residential lawns. We take pride in working with you to choose the right quality sod for your home!


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Choosing to Seed or Sod

Seeding may seem to have a lower upfront cost, however, many homeowners are surprised to discover how much time and maintenance is involved in establishing a new lawn from seed.

Seeding a new lawn can only be done in late spring, and it typically takes 1-2 years before the new lawn is fully established. During this period, it’s essential that homeowners provide constant maintenance through weed control, watering, and even re-seeding. The additional cost of time, materials, and overall effort can add up fast, and there’s no guarantee your new lawn won’t have uneven spots and weeds.

The advantage of choosing to install Sod is that homeowners can achieve a healthy, fully established lawn within a matter of weeks – one that looks beautiful from day one.

Unlike with seeding, sod can be installed any time – so long as the ground isn’t frozen. Once installed, it’s a simple matter of following our simple watering instructions to encourage establishment. This makes Sod an ideal choice for anyone in need of a ‘ready-to-use’ outdoor space.

For homeowners looking to renovate or replace an existing lawn that’s overwhelmed with weeds, moss, or chafer beetle damage, we typically recommend choosing sod as a faster, more effective solution.

If your lawn is looking like it needs a lot of work because it is uneven, soggy, has lots of weeds, or moss, replacing it with a new lawn is quick fix for what otherwise can take a year or more of remedial work. If you are planning to sell your home, a new lawn adds great appeal and it is ready for show time in 2-3 weeks.


The Chafer beetle is an annoying pest that can lead to a severely damaged lawn as raccoons and bird dig out the larvae. The remaining larvae can be killed by applying nematodes in July or by applying chemical products which is restricted in most municipalities. The best protection against pests is a healthy and slightly taller grown lawn. If you were already thinking about replacing your lawn, a new lawn may be the best defense against next year’s chafer beetle infestation.


Preparing Your Garden for Sod

In a perfect world every homeowner would have a nutrient-rich, loamy soil with great drainage, but for most that’s not the case. Instead, homeowners may find that their soil has too much clay, too much sand, that it is compacted from heavy foot traffic, or even that it’s filled with leftover construction debris. To get the best performance from your new lawn, it’s important to prepare the soil before installation, creating a nutrient rich bed that will support and promote steady, healthy growth for years to come. Fortunately, amending your existing soil with a quality topsoil and/or organic amenders is a simple and cost effective method for quickly improving your soil quality.

Making the Right Sod Choice

We can offer you a sod blend that is best for your lawn.

Residential Sods

Here at Western Turf Farms we offer a wide range of different sod products. Homeowners who aren’t a lawn care pro may find our selection a little daunting, but we’re here to help! Here’s a quick overview of our 4 of our favorite sod products for residential projects. To learn more, stop by our Products Page.


  • Best value blend
  • Lower water need
  • Coastal climate


  • Premium blend
  • Lush & low water need
  • Cold & drought resistant


  • Organically grown
  • Lowest water need
  • Cold & drought resistant


  • Luxury lawn
  • Dense & elegant
  • Use as putting green

TALL FESCUE -Recent research has shown that the strong root system and a higher cut (4-5 cm/ 1.5-2 inches) of Tall Fescue grass is the best defense against the Chafer Beetle. This grass varietal is also drought resistant.

Over the last 50 years, the professionals at Western Turf Farms have developed a range of home and garden sod blends that thrive in the unique growing locations found throughout Western Canada. Knowing how much light, water, and traffic a lawn will experience is a great way to start narrowing down the list of options to find the best sod for the site. Another factor homeowners should consider is how the space will be used. Is the goal to create a sophisticated showcase lawn or a multi-functional backyard to complement family life? Regardless of the end goal, know that all of our sods are carefully cultivated with proper fertilization and care, creating weed and pesticide free sods that are safe for family and pets. No matter which sod is chosen, homeowners will always get a high quality product delivered farm direct and day fresh!

“Western Turf is my top choice for surf and topsoil in BC. Great turf! Great people!“.
Written by: Eric Chambers
Western Turf Farms
Date published: 12/09/2016stars.png
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How to Calculate the Amount of Sod Required

Our sod is sold in rolls. To calculate how much sod you need to cover your lawn, you need to determine the square footage by multiplying width x depth. If you have multiple rectangular surfaces, simple add them up. To determine the number of rolls needed for your yard, take the square footage of the area and divide it by 9 to get 1 Yard rolls. We can stack up to 90 rolls on a pallet. You can use our Sod Calculator for more help.


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Thanks for getting in touch! The lawn looks great! We have been fertilizing and watering, and it’s coming along very well. The kids are loving having a space to run free. There are a few bits here and there that need a little encouragement, but it looks great for only being down a month! Thanks so much for the excellent service, and high quality product. I would highly recommend your turf and service.
Delaine, Vancouver
The sod was delivered as promised in the morning so I could install it the same day. It took hold pretty quickly and looks great.
John, Vancouver
The staff on the telephone was friendly and helpful explaining what I needed. The delivery was on time and my landscaper was happy with the sod.
Kate, Langley