Best Sod In Vancouver

Western Turf Farms delivers the best sod in Vancouver. For over 50 years, we’ve been supplying the Vancouver area with top quality sod, topsoil, and everything you need to keep your lawn looking lush and green.

Our Supreme blend of grass sod is the most popular choice for Vancouver homeowners, thanks to its durability and healthy appearance that can make your neighbours green with envy. It’s the best sod for Vancouver because it thrives under local climate and soil conditions – perfectly adapted to the wet weather and rich alluvial topsoil in BC’s Lower Mainland.

Of course, there are alternatives if you need even better performance and sustainability:

Perennial Ryegrass. A hardy grass that thrives in our rainy climate, this sod is tough enough to be used on golf curses. It can easily handle all the neighbourhood football games, summer BBQ parties and other outdoor recreation without wearing down.

Fescue. This is the premium grass sod used at Nat Bailey Stadium, where the Vancouver Canadians baseball team hits, runs, and slides their way to victory. Good enough for professional athletes – it will certainly stand up to whatever your kids and pets can do to it, with an amazing ability to bounce back.

For more information, please refer to our Sod for Homeowners section.

Vancouver Rainfall

Getting enough water is never a challenge in rainy Vancouver. Environment Canada records show that Vancouver’s precipitation has ranged over the past 25 years from 857.6 mm to 1,521.8 mm (that’s over 1 meter!) per year. Neighbouring communities can see a fairly big range, from world-class ski destination Whistler getting 1,228 mm in precipitation to North Vancouver, just across the famous Lions Gate Bridge – which gets nearly double Vancouver’s rainfall!

Soggy ground can be a big problem for growing healthy grass. Many homeowners may not realize that too much water can be just as harmful as an arid climate. Fortunately, the Supreme brand and our related grasses thrive under these wet conditions.

Vancouver Soil

The Fraser Valley’s alluvial soils have been a boon to local agriculture, historically a big draw for European settlers who came to the area around Vancouver. However, much of the land that falls into the modern city of Vancouver is effectively a rainforest; today’s heritage home neighborhoods like the UBC area, West Point Grey, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant and much of East Vancouver, sporting green lawns in front of virtually every home on the street, are founded on clear-cut forest that skipped the transition to farmland entirely.

The soil in front of your house is made up of that fibrous material that provided strong root systems for centuries of pristine rainforest, along with a mix of clay and sand that helps grass find a firm anchor to grow healthy and strong. Learn more about local soil of the Vancouver area and British Columbia from Environment Canada

Vancouver Home Lawn Landscaping Challenges

In contrast with many Canadian prairie towns and cities, Vancouver is famous for its scenic mountains, hillsides and gentle slopes. That diversity can make for amazing views, but it can also cause practical challenges for homeowners and landscapers. For instance, drainage can be a major problem for home owners whose yard is at the bottom of a slope. Shaded areas that receive no or little sunshine may have trouble filling in nicely.

Fortunately, Western Turf Farms doesn’t just deliver the best sod for Vancouver – we can provide quality topsoil and fertilizer where homeowners need it, to provide a healthy foundation for your living lawn.

Protecting Your Home Lawn in Vancouver from the Chafer Beetle

The arrival of the European Chafer Beetle in Vancouver has already done terrible damage to countless lawns. Technically, the beetles themselves are not the whole problem, though their burrowing weakens the root system; birds, raccoons and other urban wildlife tear up the lawn in search of the grubs. Learn how to deal with the European Chafer Beetle in Vancouver and keep your lawn looking healthy

Vancouver Sod Delivery

We deliver sod anywhere in Vancouver and beyond from Monday to Saturday, in whatever quantity you require. Our easy-to-use turf calculator helps you measure how much grass sod you need for your lawn. Just give us a call at 1.888.888.7072, toll free! More details.

Vancouver Landscapers

We work with over a dozen landscapers in the Vancouver area – some, for over two decades! These expert lawn care landscapers are happy to do the heavy lifting for you. Once we deliver our sod to your door in Vancouver, they’ll give your lawn the professional care it deserves.

Call us today and we’ll be happy to recommend a Vancouver landscaper who works in your neighborhood!

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