Kamloops Sod Grass

The Kamloops sod grass we offer has contributed to the beauty of many of its yards—having a thick, green lawn can go a long way to making the rest of your property look beautiful. For more information, please refer to our Sod for Homeowners section.

In Kamloops, Western Turf Farms provides some of the highest quality topsoil and sod on the market. We offer Sand Sort, Rye, Fescue, Bent, Bluegrass, and Supreme sods. The Kentucky Bluegrass is especially good at withstanding cold and dry conditions and is very low maintenance. Our soil is heavy in natural nutrients and formulated to encourage growth and plant health whether it’s used for garden or grass. Our soils available include Rainforest Premium Garden Blend, Biosoil, Prosoil, and Premium Boost.

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  • Biosoil
  • Prosoil
  • Premium Boost Soil
  • Rainforest Premium Garden Blend Soil

As any good sod company should, Western Turf Farms offers expert delivery and installation of all our products. We use our own delivery trucks and can bring your order right to your back yard! Our trained turf techs will cut and lay the sod to fit your yard, park, or playing field exactly as needed for the required area. Order with us and you can enjoy the benefits of thick, lush grass in no time!

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  • Ryegrass
  • Sand Sport
  • Fescue
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Supreme
  • Bentgrass

Western Turf Farms is proud to serve the Kamloops area. We have sponsored local hockey and football teams, and we love getting involved with local operations. Our number one goal is your satisfaction. We stay involved with you through the entire process:

  • Soil Delivery
  • Turf/Sod Delivery
  • Turf/Sod Installation

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