Sod Calculator

How to Calculate the Amount of Sod Required

To calculate how much sod you need to cover your lawn, you need to determine the square footage by multiplying width x length. If you have multiple rectangular surfaces, simple add them up with our sod calculator.

Sod is sold in 1 Yard rolls, and to determine the number of rolls needed for your yard, take the square footage of the area you calculated by multiplying width x length and divide it by 9 to get 1 Yard rolls (standard). Consider adding 5-10% for cutting and trimming depending on the shape of your lawn.

We deliver sod across BC and Alberta, but you can also pick it up from our Abbotsford Turf Farm if you are nearby or have a small order. We stack up to 90 rolls on a pallet, therefore a pallet of sod can weigh up to 1,300 kg. Please check that your vehicle can safely support the weight of your order if you’re planning to pick up.

Now that you know how much sod grass you need, contact us for a free quote!

Examples How to Manually Calculate the Amount of Sod Required


Area of a Rectangle
Example: Length is 25 ft and Width is 25ft
A = length x width
A = 25 x 25
625 square feet
625 square ft ÷ 9 = 69.4 square yards



Area of a Circle
Example: circle radius r = 20
A = 3.14 x r2
A = 3.14 x 202
A = 3.14 x 400
A = 1256 square feet

Area of a Triangle
Example: length = 15 ft, width = 20ft
A = Length x Width divide by 2
A = 15 x 20 ÷ 2
A = 150 square feet
150 square feet ÷ 9 = 16.6 square yards

Soil Calculator

How to Calculate the Amount of Soil Required.

Prior to installing sod, we do recommend applying a few inches of quality top soil to improve drainage and nutrition. You can also freshen up your existing soil with some fertilizer.

We sell topsoil in 1 cubic yard bags and in bulk. We deliver soil across the Lower Mainland, and further afield when we have scheduled deliveries. We offer a price break on soil when delivered with sod orders. Ask us about bulk pricing for deliveries of more than 6 cubic yards of topsoil.

Wondering what soil is best for you?

Our team can help you decide what soil and how much of it is best for your soil type and situation. Here is a list of Topsoil, Garden soil, Mushroom Compost and Mulch options we have available in bulk, 1 Cubic Yard Bags. Ask us about our price 25 Kg bags if you prefer that.