Surrey Sod Grass and Topsoil

Surrey is the second largest city in British Columbia, next to Vancouver. Experiencing a great deal of rainfall during the colder months and mild summers, topsoil erosion can be a real problem for many residents. This is especially true for gardens that require the nutrients drawn from topsoil in Surrey BC. Keeping a good supply of topsoil in your garden is essential to the health of your plants.  For more information, please refer to our Sod for Homeowners section.

For your convenience, Western Turf Farms offers a considerable variety of topsoil for Surrey, BC residents:

  • Premium Boost Soil
  • Biosoil
  • Rainforest Premium Garden
  • Blend Soil
  • Prosoil

Each of these options is a special formula of various blended nutrients from compost materials, river sand, aged tree bark, and recycled organic waste—all of which contribute to providing optimal plant health and nutrition for your garden.

With the right topsoil, there is no need for harmful chemical fertilizers. Your plants can pull nutrients from the ground naturally!

Our topsoil is also ideal for laying a strong, healthy foundation for the following turf selections:

  • Perennial Rye
  • Sand Sport
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Supreme
  • Fescue
  • Bentgrass

Our turf, like our topsoil, is grown with great care and expertise. It is bright green, healthy, and robust, ideal for any sort of environment. Its hardiness ensures fast regrowth in high-traffic areas and resistance to extreme temperatures and the thick root base prevents soil erosion.

Here at Western Turf Farms, we believe in following through with our orders. This means personally delivering our sod and topsoil in Surrey BC to our customers, and installing the turf in a timely and professional manner. Our easily recognizable trucks and friendly lawn technicians will transport and place your sod quickly so you can get on with enjoying your new yard.

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