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Choosing the Appropriate Sod Variety

Whether you’re replacing a lawn or installing a fresh one, the first thing to consider when choosing the right sod varietal blend is the climate of the area where you live, and where and how the grass will be used. We have a choice of home and garden sod blends that were developed for each unique growing location, ranging from basic to versatile, organically grown low-water-use sod to the most sophisticated showcase lawn. We have the ideal sod varieties to match your project, no matter the budget or size of the area.

Safety and Durability

We keep our fields weed free through proper fertilization and care, ensuring that all of our sod products are free of harmful pesticides. For homeowners looking for an organically grown and water-wise product, we developed our Enviro Low-Water Sod. Here at Western Turf Farms, we’re committed to ensuring that you, your family, and your pets can safely enjoy our sod grasses.

Keep in mind that higher use areas will require good drainage as soggy lawns struggle with durability. Soil structure and drainage can easily be improved during sod installation with the right topsoil or amender. Learn more

Residential Sod Varieties

Select Sod

This great value sod blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass does well in the milder West Coast climate. We recommend our Select Sod to our customers living on the South Coast of BC; Vancouver, Surrey, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Sunshine Coast.

Supreme Sod

This versatile sod blend of Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass is a great choice for durability and beauty. Grown on sandy loam soil without the use of harmful pesticides, our Supreme Sod can be used in all growing areas with excellent results. We recommend our Supreme Sod for residents of Vancouver, Surrey, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, BC Interior, and Alberta.

TWCA-certified Drought Tolerant Sod

The sod blend is specifically formulated for Western Turf Farms by BrettYoung Seeds and consists of Perennial Ryegrass, Chewing Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Tall Fescue Sod

Recent research has shown that the strong root system and a higher cut (4-5 cm/ 1.5-2 inches) of Tall Fescue grass is the best defense against the Chafer Beetle. This grass varietal is also drought resistant.

Enviro Organic Sod

Drought tolerant with low water needs, our Enviro Organic Sod is ideal for green buildings, LEED projects, and environmentally-conscious homeowners. Made from a special blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue, this sod blend is a top performer in ll growing areas and recovers well from periods of both drought and frost. We recommend our Enviro Organic Sod for a variety of Western Canadian climates, from Vancouver Island to Calgary.

Bentgrass Sod

This premium creeping grass is typically used on golf course putting greens, but it also creates a spectacular looking lawn for luxury homes. We offer a choice of different Bentgrass types that are all grown on washed sand to increase drainage and meet US Golf Course Association specifications. Because of its washed sand base, it does require more watering in dry areas, but performs well in all growing areas. We recommend this sod for Vancouver, Surrey, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, BC Interior, and Alberta.

Commercial Sod Varieties

Utility Grade Turf For Large Commercial Projects – Commercial Use Only

Our Utility Grade Turf is a cost effective alternative to hydroseeding for large estates and commercial properties. While we always use high quality seed and nurture every crop to look great, we sometimes downgrade particular areas of a field. This may happen because we need to make room for a new crop, or because it doesn’t meet our high standards for appearance at the time of harvest. Regardless of the reason, we know this sod will look great within 30-60 days of installation with a bit of care. That is why we can sell you a great product at a price that is set to move it.

We only offer this product to landscapers and other professionals for use on suitable projects, and conditional to disclosure to buyers that this is utility grade turf. This option is often limited and varies throughout the year. If you would like to take advantage of these opportunities, please let our staff know and we’ll include you in our email notification to regular customers.

Custom Grown Turf

We can grow custom sod to meet the exact specifications for your project. You can choose the grass type and blend, growing medium, thickness, as well as the final cutting height at time of delivery. We can create a custom turf blend from any of the seeds that we use, or we can use the seed and growing products that you provide to us. To grow quality custom sod, please plan ahead by 8 to 12 months depending on the type of grass.

Grass Seed for Residential and Commercial Properties

For overseeding or to repair small areas we provide customers with the grass seed that matches the installed sod blends.

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