Natural Turf Grass for Sports Fields


It is no secret that most professional or amateur athletes prefer to play their sports on natural turf grass. It is a healthier choice for them and the environment, and can contribute in better play performance and safety! Western Turf Farms is proud to provide you with convenient options and availability of superior natural turf grass that is designed for athletic use by professional or amateur teams on sports fields at parks, stadiums, schools and community centres across BC and Alberta.

Sports Turf Blend Advantage

We cultivate a wide selection of sod blends specifically for sports field turf. In all our blends, we use up to 4 cultivars in each species to give good genetic diversity. And, our harvesting technique slices the rhizomes for faster and more aggressive rooting.

Water savings of up to 50% with drought tolerant natural sports turf

High regenerative properties can fill in patchy areas quickly

Strong and thick root system makes sod ready to use sooner and stands up better

Higher wear and tear resilience to maximize playing hours

Convenient sod delivery anywhere in BC and Alberta

Standard and big roll installation are available

Choosing the Right Sports Turf

All of our turf grass blends for sports use are un-netted and grown on sandy loam or washed sand. Our natural sports turf varietals offer excellent wear resistance against high use, while some blends are more tolerant to drought conditions.

West Coast

  • High Perennial Ryegrass blend with Fescue.
  • Grown on sandy loam.
  • Un-netted
  • Excellent drainage for faster recovery in high rainfall seasons.
  • Well established root system for easy installation.
  • High Perennial Ryegrass blend with Fescue.
  • Grown on washed sand.
  • Un-netted

BC Interior and Alberta

  • Drought tolerant.
  • Well established root system for easy installation.
  • High Kentucky Bluegrass blend with Perennial Ryegrass and Fescue.
  • Grown on sandy loam.
  • Un-netted
The sod blend is specifically formulated for Western Turf Farms by BrettYoung Seeds and consists of Perennial Ryegrass, Chewing Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Athletic turf for the BC Interior and Alberta.

  • Drought tolerant.
  • Cold resistance.
  • High Kentucky Bluegrass blend with Perennial Ryegrass and Fescue.
  • Option available with the Fibrelok High Performance Root System.
  • Grown on washed sand.
  • Un-netted
Fibrelok HPRS (High Performance Root System) is a fibre reinforcement for natural grass root systems, providing all the benefits of natural grass with the performance of synthetic grass. The high performance rootzone system is specifically designed to enhance the durability and health of your natural turf sports field. It has proven to significantly increase ‘playing days’ of natural grass fields, even under the most intense usage and wet weather. We grow sod (specifically the High Kentucky Bluegrass Sand Sports Turf) with the Fibrelok High Performance Rootzone System and with our partners at Veratec Group.

Custom Grown Sports Turf

We can grow custom sod to meet the exact specifications for your sports field turf. You can choose the grass type and blend, growing medium, root zone fibre reinforcement, thickness, as well as the final cutting height at delivery time. We can create a custom turf blend from any of the seeds that we use, or we can use the seed and growing products that you provide to us. To grow quality custom sod, please plan ahead for 8 to 12 months depending on the type of grass.

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Sports Turf Delivery

For sports field projects across BC and Alberta, we cut and deliver sod roll size as:

  • Standard sod rolls 2ft wide (4.5ft long = 1 sq yard or 9 sq ft).
  • Big sod rolls 2 ft or 4 ft wide, up to 126 ft long (28 – 56 sq yards).

Our thick cut sod rolls of 3/4-1 inch of depth are also available for fast field repairs. To make sure your new field gets the best start, we harvest your sod order on the day of delivery and we recommend that you install it the same day.

  • Sod rolls are delivered on pallets.
  • Large fleet of trucks equipped with fork lifts for fast unloading.
  • Pallets can be transferred to the field with a bobcat.

If you prefer to pick up your sod order from our farms, please make an appointment when ordering. Pickup times are between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM (Monday to Friday) at our two locations: Abbotsford Turf Farm – 39183 No.5 Rd or Langley Turf Farm – 7897 240 Street (summer only) at the marked area.

Before choosing the pickup option, please consider the maximum load of your truck or trailer and these factors:

  • One pallet (4 sq ft) fits up to 90 sod rolls (765 sq ft).
  • One full pallet can weigh up to 3,600 lbs or 1,800 kg (less in dry weather).

Pallets can be returned between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM at either our Abbotsford Turf Farm or our Langley Turf Farm.

Preparing for Sports Turf Installation and Maintenance

To give you the best options for your sports turf projects, we offer a variety of additional products, services and resources to prepare you for sports turf installation and maintenance. We deliver sand and soil for topdressing, and we can also provide topdressing application equipment with a trained operator if required.

Our washed sand for topdressing is produced from high quality sand and gravel reserves in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. This is environmentally clean sand with a consistent and uniform particle size distribution that is superior to most local sand pits. The sand is treated in a sand-processing wash plant to meet the most restrictive standards of the construction industry and monitored under a Quality Assurance Program.

As a general rule, topdressing material should closely match the composition of the existing soil profile. Topdressing also may be used to modify the soil profile, though this takes multiple applications over a number of years. The use of varying topdressing materials can result in a problem of layering, with different textured soils stacked in layers within the soil profile. We offer a variety of soil and sand to match nearly any composition.

Helpful article: Topdressing Tips via The Lawn Institute

We offer all of our sod in standard or big rolls, and also provide big roll installation equipment with trained installers.

  • Standard rolls of 2ft wide (4.5 ft long = 1 sq yard or 9 sq ft).
  • Large rolls 2 or 4ft wide, up to 125ft long (28 – 56 sq yards).

Overseeding is an important part of maintaining any high traffic areas, extending the life and play time. We provide all of our seed blends in 25 kg bags for overseeding your sports field. If you don’t have the staff or the equipment, we can provide this as a service.

Thick cut sod can be a blessing when you need to make quick in season field repairs to natural sports turf. We can provide sod that is cut to your specification, up to 3/4-1 inch thick. We also offer Sod with a fibre reinforced root system as thick cut, which provides even more wear resistance.

Helpful article: Tips for managing thick-cut sod via Sports Turf Magazine

Being a family owned and operated farm, our primary concern is always the safety and happiness of our customers. Natural turf fields offer ight amount of traction and give to keep players safe from major injuries, which should be an important consideration for teams and municipalities deciding between artificial turf and natural grass.

To help you better understand the benefits of natural turf grass, here are two helpful articles:
Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf Facts via Turfgrass Producers International
Natural Turf replaces Artificial Turf Field via Turf & Recreation

See Our Projects

Vancouver Canadians

Western Turf Farms is the official turf supplier of the Vancouver Canadians baseball team at Nat Bailey Stadium.


The City of Kamloops (Tournament Capital of Canada) chose Western Turf Farms as the supplier their Raleigh Sports Fields.

City of Victoria

Western Turf Farms supplies, installs and replaces sod grass for all of the City of Victoria sports fields.


We have been very pleased working with Western Turf Farms in providing Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium with top-quality turf. Their staff is very professional and provide excellent customer service. Western Turf Farms will always take the time to answer questions and are willing to go the extra mile in every facet of their operation. The quality of their service is on par with the quality turf they provide, and I would not hesitate to recommend their service and products to anyone.
Tom Archibald, Head Groundskeeper, Vancouver Canadians Professional Baseball Club