Repair and Improvements

Field Repair

Even with moderate use, sports fields and busy grassy areas can get damaged to the extent that it would take months for the grass to recover on its own, even with extra maintenance and overseeding. Plus, during this period the field can’t be used. We deliver partial field replacements that can be played on the day following installation! We remove the damaged sod, improve and prepare the soil and install thick-cut sod.

Thick cut sod can be a blessing when you need to make quick in season field repairs to natural sports turf. We can provide sod that is cut to your specification, up to 3/4-1 inch thick. We also offer Sod with a fibre reinforced root system as thick cut, which provides even more wear resistance.

Sod and Drainage Improvements

Whether you are installing sod on a new site or are replacing an existing lawn or field with drainage problems, we can help to make sure that you get the right foundation and soil in place. Your investment in quality sod is best protected by making sure that the soil it is installed on is ready to help your new sod root and thrive quickly and nourish it for years to come. We can test your soil and recommend the right fertilizer and soil for your choice of sod and use.

Our washed sand for topdressing is produced from high quality sand and gravel reserves in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. This is environmentally clean sand with a consistent and uniform particle size distribution that is superior to most local sand pits. The sand is treated in a sand-processing wash plant to meet the most restrictive standards of the construction industry and monitored under a Quality Assurance Program.

As a general rule, topdressing material should closely match the composition of the existing soil profile. Topdressing also may be used to modify the soil profile, though this takes multiple applications over a number of years. The use of varying topdressing materials can result in a problem of layering, with different textured soils stacked in layers within the soil profile. We offer a variety of soil and sand to match nearly any composition.

Sod Health Assessment

Simply send us a short message and if possible add a photo or short video that can be taken with your phone to show and tell us about your sod health or growing issue. Our sod experts will give you a call to discuss the options and provide recommendations. For larger projects, we can visit your site and determine the specific conditions, amendments, and recommend sod types for your soil and bio-region.

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