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Putting Green Turf Varieties

For many of BC and Alberta’s golf courses, Bentgrass greens are the preferred choice for put-ting. Creeping Bentgrass is a robust product that stands up to quarter-inch cropping while keeping weeds and pests at bay. Western Turf Farms grow a wide range of Creeping Bentgrass varieties in sandy soil which can thrive season after season. Our Creeping Bentgrass sod comes in a range of colours and growth densities to blend well into the natural surroundings of any golf course or resort. We’re pleased to help you choose and deliver the right product fit for your requirements.

Penn A4 Creeping Bentgrass – pdf_icon pdf

Our Penn A4 Bentgrass sod delivers a high-density, smooth, grainless putting surface. Dark green in colour, the Penn A4 is exceptionally tolerant to both hot and cold, while withstanding weeds and disease.


  • Designed for putting greens
  • Grows fast
  • Dark green color
  • Exceptional heat and cold tolerant
  • Disease-resistant
  • Beats back grassy weeds
  • High-performance by applying a specialized maintenance program

Penncross Creeping Bentgrass – pdf_icon pdf

For a low-maintenance sod we offer the Penncross Bentgrass, as it thrives with minimal fertilizer and mowing. This fast growing grass is quick to establish roots and is much easier to maintain than traditional bentgrass.


  • Grows fast
  • Medium green color
  • Easier to maintain than traditional bentgrass
  • Excellent resistance to dollar-spots and diseases
  • Establishes quickly
  • Also used for golf course fairways.

007 Creeping Bentgrass – pdf_icon pdf

The 007 Creeping Bentgrass sod grows in a dense pattern and provides excellent Dollar Spot resistance. This low-maintenance bentgrass delivers great performance all year round.


  • Bright, dark green color
  • High performance all year round
  • Improved Dollar Spot resistant
  • Low maintenance (less fungicide, less mowing)
  • Also used for golf course tees and fairways.

T-1 Creeping Bentgrass – pdf_icon pdf

Our T-1 Creeping Bentgrass sod is a robust and versatile grass, that is both low-maintenance and built to withstand tough conditions.


  • Tournament-quality golfing surface
  • Lush green color
  • Tenacious ground coverage even under tough conditions
  • Overcomes Poa Annua
  • Also used for golf course tees and fairways.

Pure Distinction Creeping Bentgrass – pdf_icon pdf

Our Pure Distinction Bentgrass is a light-colored and robust grass that blends well, especially with Poa Annua. Pure Distinction is quick to establish roots, and can withstand disease and extreme temperatures.


  • Dense growth with less thatch
  • Rapid establishment
  • Robust against disease, heat and cold
  • Also used for golf course tees and fairways

Grass for Tees and Fairways

Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass are great choices for fairways and tees. They both mix well with Poa Annua and help keep your golf course looking consistently lush. We grow these grasses in sandy soil and under controlled conditions to ensure you get the best looking, high quality product. The type of sod you buy and install on your golf course will depend on your location in BC and Alberta.

Perennial Ryegrass

The best turf grass for golf courses on Vancouver Island and the Vancouver Lower Mainland is the Perennial Ryegrass. It thrives well in our temperate rainforest climate and is versatile, robust and lush-looking sod!

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is ideal for golf courses in the BC Interior and Alberta, where the climate is more extreme. The drier soils in these regions require a hardier grass, like the Kentucky Blue-grass, to better resist drought and disease.

Custom Grown Golf Grass

Whether for fairways, tee boxes or putting greens, Western Turf Farms can grow custom sod that meets your custom preferences and specifications for your golf course. You can choose the grass type and blend, growing medium, root zone fibre reinforcement, thickness, as well as the final cutting height at delivery time. We can create a custom turf blend from any of the seeds that we use, or we can use the seed and growing products that you provide to us. To grow quality custom sod, please plan ahead for 8 to 12 months depending on the type of grass.

Thick Cut Sod for Fast in Season Golf Course Repairs

Thick cut sod can be a blessing when you need to make quick in season field repairs to natural sports turf. We can provide sod that is cut to your specification, up to 3/4-1 inch thick. We also offer Sod with a fibre reinforced root system as thick cut, which provides even more wear resistance.

Helpful article: Tips for managing thick-cut sod via Sports Turf Magazine

Grass Seed for Golf Courses

For overseeding or to repair small areas we provide customers with the grass seed that matches the installed sod blends.

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