Topsoil and Amenders for Your BC Lawn

Whether you’re working to create a lush green lawn, attractive flower garden or bountiful urban vegetable farm, the first step is always to create a nutritious soil foundation.

Prior to installing sod, we typically recommend applying a couple of inches of quality topsoil to improve your existing soil. This helps to improve drainage while creating a nutrient rich foundation that will promote the root development and long term health of your new lawn. Alternatively, you can freshen up your existing soil with some fertilizer to provide the nutrients needed as your sod establishes new roots.

Why is good topsoil important?

For optimum root growth, turf grass needs four things in proper proportions: sunlight, air, water, and nutrients. Too much or too little of any one of these can cause turf grasses to suffer. Turf grasses obtain three of the four essential factors (air, water, and nutrients) primarily through their roots from the surrounding soil, but many soils are less than ideal for supporting healthy grass growth.

Depending on the characteristics of your unique region, you may discover that your soil contains too much clay preventing drainage, suffers from compaction preventing air and water exchange, or at the other end of the spectrum, has too much sand and drains too quickly. Another important factor to consider is pH. Soils that are too acidic or alkaline interfere with nutrient uptake, preventing healthy growth.

By adding several inches of a good quality topsoil or soil amender and blending it into the existing soil, homeowners can correct a wide variety of issues before installing their new sod. The end result is a nutrient rich, high quality soil that will promote and support a healthy sod grass over time.

Our Topsoil Varieties

ProSoil Turf Topping Soil Blend

ProSoil Turf Topping Soil Blend is an excellent way to promote lawns, flowers, ferns, trees, and even container gardens around your home. A quality recycled-organic topsoil made with a balanced blend of free-draining river sand, aged mushroom compost, and black bark fines. ProSoil is the perfect nutrient-rich foundation for any lawn or landscape project.

By using a high quality topsoil, homeowners often find that they need to use less fertilizer, herbicide, or other chemicals to promote healthy plants. It’s also low-maintenance, as the mix of free-draining river sand and organic content allows the soil to drain well without completely losing its moisture, reducing the risk of drowning your favorite container gardens. Landscapers often rely on it as a proven, effective product for both customers and DIY-green thumbs.

ProSoil Composition

  • Free-draining river sand
  • Mushroom compost
  • Fine black bark

“ProSoil is just an amazing product for the BC homeowner who wants to handle all of their lawn and gardening needs with a single product and minimal maintenance,” says Oliver, from Albion Flats Landscape Supply. “You don’t even need to fertilize this turf. You get a strong root structure almost instantly.”

UrbanGro Organic Topsoil

UrbanGro is our premium organic topsoil, made with organic compost, free-raining river sand, pumice, and sphagnum peat. Designed to grow amazing vegetables and fresh herbs safe for your kitchen table, this product is ideal for our urban farming and home gardening eco-enthusiasts in British Columbia and Vancouver. UrbanGro Organic Topsoil is an essential item in the eco-friendly homeowner’s toolkit.

For our urban farming and home gardening enthusiasts in green British Columbia, particularly in green-friendly Vancouver. Ideal for flower gardens and urban farms, UrbanGro is made with organic compost, free-draining river sand, pumice, and sphagnum peat. This organic topsoil blend has been designed to grow amazing vegetables and fresh herbs and safe for your kitchen table. This sustainable garden soil is an essential item in the eco-friendly home owner’s toolkit.

UrbanGro Composition

  • Free-draining river sand
  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Organic compost
  • Pumice

“UrbanGro is the perfect solution for organic growers looking for a local, sustainable soil.” – Veratec

Topsoil Amenders Vancouver, BC

Topsoil amenders are designed to improve plant growth by enhancing the physical properties of the topsoil: nutrient availability, microbial activity, structure, and drainage. Adding topsoil amenders is an efficient and cost effective way to promote a nutrient rich soil bursting with beneficial microbes.

Hemlock Bark Mulch

Our bark mulch is an ideal solution for any homeowner or gardening enthusiast with large landscape beds or tree rings. This organic mulch breaks down over time, slowly releasing nutrients into the landscape even as it naturally suppresses weed growth around your desirable plants. Landscapers recommend its use to encourage overall plant health while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

In drier regions like Alberta or British Columbia’s Interior, this mulch helps to conserve ground moisture. Overall, the Hemlock Bark Mulch is a green-friendly solution to keep your plants and trees healthy and looking great.

Mushroom Compost

Our mushroom compost soil amender is perfect for adding nutrients to any soil type while enhancing the existing topsoil structure to improve drainage. The rich, dark, moist mixture can be used anywhere in the garden to promote long term plant health organically.

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