Reinforced Permeable Grass Paving for Driveways and Parkings

If you’re planning to install a new driveway or parking lot, odds are you’ve considered using gravel, tarmac, concrete, or pavers to do the job. These materials are all effective, but they have some serious downsides for the environment. Solid materials such as tarmac, concrete, and even pavers can hinder the absorption of surface waters during heavy rains, creating challenges in storm water management and erosion prevention. In hot weather tarmac and concrete absorb and radiate heat back into the surrounding environment causing heat island effect. The list goes on and on.

Instead of working around negative side effects, why not start with a greener paving material? We partnered with Architek and Purus Plastics EcoRaster to provide you with a solution that has proven to be versatile, effective, and above all – environmentally responsible!

Pre-Grown Grass Pavers

Grass Pavers are an innovative new product being used in building projects throughout North America and Europe. They’re a permeable paving system created by installing an interlocking grid of plastic ‘pavers.’ These are then filled with soil and seeded with grass to create the final surface.  With the strength of pavement and the natural beauty of grass, grassy pavers are an ideal solution for creating drives and parking lots with a low environmental impact.

Benefits of using Grass Pavers:

  • Improves local air quality, as the grass naturally traps dust, pollen, and other debris
  • Allows surface waters to soak into the subsoil, reducing stormwaters while naturally filtering out pollutants
  • Reduces the heat island effect in urban areas

Reinforced Grass Paving Applications


Reinforced Grass Driveway Paving

Whether your project is residential, commercial, or industrial, reinforced grass driveways provide an attractive alternative to traditional paving materials.

Unlike a standard lawn, the grass paving system provides the necessary reinforcement to support up to 100 tons per square meter, meaning it provides safe, hardwearing, and reliable access for emergency services, tractors, and trucks. By pairing the system with quality grass blend that performs well in the local climate, grass pavers become a resilient and low maintenance solution which protects against erosion, mud, and dust.

We ensure that your project looks amazing from day one by pre-growing the product with one of our custom sod blends. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing drive or parking lot that’s ready to use immediately after installation.

Permeable Grass Parking Paving

Reinforced grass driveways and parking spaces provide a cost effective, low-maintenance solution to drainage and dust issues on any site while providing a unique aesthetic for your project. Additionally, the use of grass pavers may qualify your specific project for additional LEED points.

EcoRaster Grass Paver Grades

EcoRaster is available in three grades for professional hard-scaping and soft-scaping.

EcoRaster S50 Super Elastic
Automobile parking lots and stalls, driveways, vehicular or pedestrian paths, hillside fortifications against erosion, Public and private parks and recreation areas, etc.

EcoRaster E50 Heavy Duty
Extremely polluted areas, construction sites, emergency access roads, soft road shoulder reinforcement, helicopter landing sites, etc.

EcoRaster E40 Universal
Vehicular or pedestrian roadways and foot paths, large areas for events such as open-air concerts and outdoor fairgrounds, beer gardens and farmer’s markets in public parks, etc.

Purus EcoRaster Grass Paver Installation

At Western Turf Farms we pre-grow the Purus EcoRoster Grass Pavers so your project looks great when delivered. Our partner in site preparation and sod installation, Sod Crew, provides installation services across Western Canada.

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