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With over 50 years of experience growing superior sod, Western Turf Farms is dedicated to providing landscapers / contractors / developers with competitively priced quality turf grass for residential or commercial projects. Our goal is to help you succeed with your projects by offering sound advice, reliable service, quality sod products and supplies, and good value. With over 500 acres of sod fields, we have more options and ample availability for your convenience. It will be our pleasure to work with you and help create beautiful and healthy looking lawns at your residential and commercial properties.

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Whether your projects are small or large, our dedicated team will ensure that your requirements are met on schedule, so you have one less thing to worry about. We’re committed to help you grow your business successfully!

Exceptional advice and service

Best choices of sod for every use and climate

Safe sod – we use no harmful pesticides

Fresh sod harvested on delivery day for fast rooting and use

Fast delivery to anywhere in BC and Alberta

Convenient supply of soil, seed, mulch and fertilizer

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Choosing to Seed or Sod

Seeding can appear to be an easy option with perceived lower upfront cost; however, the challenge of seeding is that creating a healthy looking lawn can be a laborious and lengthy process that many underestimate. It takes about a year for seeds to be fully grown, and a lawn grown from seed will most likely have uneven spots and weeds. Choosing sod is risk free and saves your clients time, so they can enjoy an attractive, healthy looking lawn right away.

The advantage of using Sod is that you’re leaving all that work to us instead. We have already completed the 1-2 year cycle of growing a healthy lawn from seed and we have a large inventory of diverse blends that are grown on sandy loam or washed sand that you can choose from.

Making the Right Turf Choice

Whether you’re replacing a lawn or installing a lawn for a newly built home, the first thing to consider is the climate. We have a choice of sod blends that are developed for each growing area, including drought-resistant and sports field blends.

All our sod is free of harmful pesticides and the Enviro Low Water Sod is organically grown. We keep our fields weed free by proper fertilization and care.

Turf Types for Residential and Commercial Use

All of our residential sod is grown on sandy loam soil for good drainage and easy installation.

This great value sod blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass that does well in the milder West Coast climate.
This versatile sod blend of Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass can be used in any situation with excellent results and is a great choice for durability and beauty.

  • Grown on sandy loam.
  • Thrives in all growing areas.
The sod blend is specifically formulated for Western Turf Farms by BrettYoung Seeds and consists of Perennial Ryegrass, Chewing Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

This organically grown, drought tolerant sod blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue is economical in water use and recovers well from periods of drought and frost.

  • Best sod choice for green building and LEED projects.
  • Thrives in all growing areas.
This premium creeping grass is typically used on golf course putting greens. It also creates a spectacular looking lawn for luxury homes. We offer a choice of different Bentgrass types that are all grown on washed sand to increase drainage and meet US Golf Course Association specifications.

  • Require more watering in dry areas.
    Thrives in all growing areas.

For more details on the 5 different types of Creeping Bentgrass we offer, please see our page on Turf for Golf Courses.

Our Utility Grade Turf is a cost effective alternative to hydroseeding for large estates or commercial properties. While we always use high quality seeds and nurture every crop to look great, we sometimes downgrade particular areas of a field because it doesn’t meet our high standards for appearance at the time we want to harvest it or to make room for a new crop. We know it will look great within 30-60 days of installation with a bit of care. So that is why we can sell you a great product at a price that is set to move it. We only offer this product to landscapers and other professionals for use on suitable projects and conditional to disclosure to buyers that this is utility grade turf. This option is often limited and varies throughout the year. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, please let our staff know and we’ll include you in our email notification to regular customers.
We can grow custom sod to meet the exact specifications for your project. You can choose the grass type and blend, growing medium, thickness, as well as the final cutting height at delivery time. We can create a custom turf blend from any of the seeds that we use, or we can use the seed and growing products that you provide to us. To grow quality custom sod, please plan ahead for 8 to 12 months depending on the type of grass.

Placing Your Sod Order

Your sod order will be freshly harvested on the morning of your order pickup or delivery. We recommend that you install it the same day to help the root systems settle well.

We offer all of our sod in standard or big rolls, and also provide big roll installation equipment with trained installers.

  • Standard rolls of 2ft wide (4.5 ft long = 1 sq yard or 9 sq ft).
  • Big sod rolls 2 or 4ft wide, up to 125ft long (28 – 56 sq yards).

We deliver sod across BC and Alberta.

  • Sod rolls are delivered on pallets.
  • Our large fleet of delivery trucks is equipped with fork lifts for fast unloading.
  • For large project we can provide a bobcat to transfer rolls at the project site.

To pick up your sod order from our farms, please make an appointment when ordering. Pickup times are between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM (Monday to Friday) at our two locations: Abbotsford Turf Farm – 39183 No.5 Rd or Langley Turf Farm – 7897 240 Street (summer only) at the marked area.
Please consider the maximum load of your truck or trailer and these factors:

  • One pallet (4 sq ft) fits up to 90 sod rolls (765 sq ft).
  • One full pallet can weigh up to 3,600 lbs or 1,800 kg (less in dry weather).

Pallets can be returned between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM at either our Abbotsford Turf Farm or our Langley Turf Farm.

We offer topsoil and mulch in 1 Cubic yard bags for pickup and we deliver bags and bulk soil across the Lower Mainland. We also deliver further afield when we have scheduled deliveries. We offer a price break on soil when delivered with sod orders. While we may not be able to offer you the lowest price, may value the convenience and time savings from being able to pick up some topsoil with your sod order.

  • ProSoil Turf Topping Soil is the perfect nutrient rich foundation for sod and plants.
  • UrbanGro Organic Garden Soil is the perfect solution for home vegetable gardens, planters, shrubs, trees, and ferns.
  • Hemlock Bark Mulch is ideal for topdressing landscape planter beds or in and around shrubs. It is great for weed suppression and water retention, and keeps soil cool and moist during hot periods.

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For my landscaping business, we don’t use anyone but Western Turf Farms. I’m very happy with their service. To stand up all year round in tough weather conditions, the grass for our commercial customers has to be just right. Western Turf Farms knows what we want and that’s why we’ve used them for over 10 years!
Tom, Landscaper
I’ve used Western Turf Farms for over 20 years for my landscaping business because they have the best price and customer service. I know I can call them anytime, morning, night or weekends, if I need turf fast for a job – and they make it happen.
Mike, Landscaper