Increase playing days with High Performance Natural Grass Sod

FIBRELOK high performance rootzone system is specifically designed to greatly enhance the durability and health of your natural grass turf sports field. It has proven to significantly increase ‘playing days’ of natural grass fields even under the most intense usage and wet weather.

Fibrelok HPRS is a fully engineered system for constructing rugged, vibrant natural grass sport fields that can withstand intense use and abuse 12 months of the year. The game-changing sport field construction system combines over 60 years of research and best management practices of the USGA with modern fibre-reinforcement and water management technology, coupled with a sophisticated yet practical nutrient and maintenance program to ensure the lifelong success of the Fibrelok HPRS Fields. Peace of mind comes standard with Fibrelok HPRS; it’s guaranteed to work.

Double the playing hours

Your athletic fields take a beating from the weather and the players. Constant pounding from the rain and the cleats can sideline your average natural grass field over the course of a winter season.
And yet the mounting pressure from user groups demanding more playing hours, and higher quality natural grass playing surfaces has many sport facility operators scrambling for a solution.
Fibrelok HPRS is the answer – a proven hybrid rootzone system engineered to handle some of the toughest conditions that nature and man can dish out, year after year.

The FIBRELOK High Performance Rootzone System is an engineered package that combines these essential components:
• Base drainage layer – to ensure water moves away from the playing surface
• USGA spec sand blended with our premium Boost compost amender – for a quick and vigorous grow-in period and long term turf grass health and performance
• Synthetic StaLok fibers blended into the top 4” – to drastically increase rootzone strength and porosity, improving playability under wet conditions.

Sand Sport HPRS Turf

Sand Sport HPRS is an un-netted turf that is grown on washed sand that contains Synthetic StaLok fibers. Just like our standard Sand Sport Turf, it has excellent wear & drought tolerance and comes with a Synthetic StaLok fiber reinforced high performance root system. Our harvesting technique slices the rhizomes for faster and more aggressive rooting. Sand Sport HPRS is available in hi and low Kentucky Blue Grass blends and Perennial Rye Grass blends.

Benefits of the Fibrelok HPRS System vs Traditional Natural Grass Sports Turf

Strength – a 215% increase in shear strength compared to a traditional sand based sport field
Endurance – One Fibrelok HPRS field’s annual playing hours equals up to 2 traditional sand fields and up to 3 soil based fields.
Savings – A projected 50% lower cost per playing hour than traditional sand based fields
Environment – Saves up to 33% of water when compared to traditional sand based fields.
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A proven track record

Superior traction led FIFA to rate the Soccer City venue in the `perfect` category during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This system of rootzone reinforcement was used at 4 stadiums, 4 training facilities, and 5 base camps, with outstanding success.

NFL players have also voted the University of Phoenix Stadium (Home of the Arizona Cardinals) “Best Playing Field“ 4 years in a row, another field using the same technology. And closer to home, Toronto’s BMO MLS field was reconstructed using the system, hosting major league soccer events, as well as community use throughout the year.

This robust, proven system is now available to you. It’s time to reap the benefits that Fibrelok can offer.

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