There are various common solutions for various common lawn problems. But which fix is the right fix for you?

Here at Western Turf Farms, we want to get to the source of your lawn problem. Once we know the cause, we can suggest the best solution. Makes sense, right?

Examples of Lawn Problems

When you look out the window of your home, do you see patches of failed lawn?

  • brown spots
  • spongy lawn
  • browning all over
  • weed and or moss overgrowth
  • uneven blobs of grass or lifting by raccoons
  • pet spots

Your grass does not have to be this way! A healthy lawn is a resilient lawn, but there are a number of causes that can lead to ill-health. Here are a few:

Causes of Unhealthy Grass

  • Soil structure is lacking
  • Improper mowing- moving too short or using a dull blade
  • Water retention and drainage issues
  • Diseases or pests- such as grubs and their predators like raccoons
  • Fertilization issues
  • The incorrect varietal blend of grass has been grown for your lawn’s location or it’s use

How to Fix Lawn Problems

  • Top dress with soil and re-seed
  • Re-sod
  • Aerate compacted soil
  • Dethatch compacted plant matter
  • Fertilizer– which one does it need and how much, knowing that too much can burn your lawn
  • Soil structure amendment for water retention/drainage and microbes
  • Start to mow to the ideal height using a sharp blade
  • Test the pH, nitrogen level, and microbial level of soil

We are here to help

It can be difficult to diagnose the cause of your lawn problem, but we are here to help. Most lawn issues can be solved by knowing what you are dealing with in the microclimate of your yard. Which is why you should contact us.

The general rule of thumb is to amend the soil, then choose the appropriate sod blend for your area and intended lawn use, and finally maintain it properly to retain its best health. Easy!

Remember, a healthy lawn is a resilient lawn. 

Phone or contact us and we will suggest the best solution for your unique lawn situation. Oftentimes we can simply do this over the phone but sometimes it makes sense to take advantage of our private lawn consultation service. Whether you have an existing lawn you would like to amend, need to replace your old failing lawn with sod for an instant renovation solution, or are starting from scratch with a new build, here at Western Turf Farms we can provide you with a solution. Besides our sod calculator, we provide a lawn consulting service.

Diagnostic Lawn Consulting Service

• Basic site visit, $100
• Site visit with soil sampling and report, $150
• Consultation fees are of course credited on sod and installation orders over $1,000

You will reduce lawn maintenance by maintaining a healthy lawn or by installing new healthy sod. Sod will mature in a number of weeks into a self-sustaining healthy lawn with reduced needs for inputs of fertilizer, insecticides, water, and other inputs.

Call us today to see if a private lawn consult complete with soil sampling and site visit is appropriate for you.