If you have a poor looking lawn, you’re not alone. Homeowners spend hours reading about what to do and what products to apply to their grass in search of an answer to a lush lawn.

The secret to a great looking lawn is healthy soil. Healthy soil is made up of a complex mixture of minerals, organic matter, nutrients and organisms that feeds and encourages your grass to grow. If you dig up a slice of healthy-looking lawn, you’ll see turf nestled in a dense mass of earth with large white roots.


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EcoTea™ to Your Lawn’s Rescue

Your backyard lawn draws nutrients from the microbes and microorganisms in your soil. By adding organic matter back into the soil, in the form of a Liquid Compost Extract (LCE), you feed the microbes which are responsible for soil formation.

EcoTea™ is an organic LCE which acts like a probiotic for the soil. In the two-minute video below, Dale Overton (the creator of EcoTea™ and founder of Overton Environmental) explains what EcoTea™ is and how this LCE builds a community of organisms to compete with the existing organisms in your soil.

Tom McConkey of EcoTea™ BC sees EcoTea™ as a tonic for the soil. “It’s like vitamins that enhance and help improve the soil makeup and plant physiology. Think of it as another tool in the toolbox for homeowners.”

EcoTea™ is also great for your garden and flower beds. Check out what Della Popowitch, Head Gardener at Riding Mountain National Park, has to say about their incredible results from using EcoTea™ in the the park’s heritage garden.

Probiotics for your Soil

The fundamental philosophy behind EcoTea™ is to return quality organic resources back to the earth. It’s a symbiotic relationship between soil and plant to increase root function and biomass.

There’s a whole host of benefits for your turf when using EcoTea™. LCE not only helps your lawn look healthier, but it assists your turf in being better able to:

  • Absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • Help keep disease pressures at bay.
  • Mitigate impact from turf pests.
  • Have improved water retention.

Feeding Your Soil, Improves Your Lawn

Homeowners and landscapers can apply EcoTea™ successfully anytime in the year (from March thru to November) when the soil temperature reaches six degrees Celsius. This is typically the middle to the end of March.

For trees, fruiting plants and vegetable crops, the application rates and time are specific to plant germination and harvest. Homeowners, however, will find their lawn will benefit from applying ongoing supplements of EcoTea™ to increase and maintain turf density, overcome stress, increase drought tolerance and the need for pesticides which in turn lessens your family’s exposure to toxins.

EcoTea™ Added to Western Turf Farm Product LineUp

Western Turf Farms has added EcoTea™ in a convenient five-gallon size to their turf products so customers can purchase LCE with their sod order. Applying LCE during your sod installation can help grass knit faster and create a healthier soil base for your lawn to become more drought tolerant.

If you prefer to have a professional landscaper take care of your lawn’s microbial health, by adding EcoTea™ as part of their regular service, Western Turf Farms can point you in the direction of those services too.

By creating a healthier soil and more vibrant turf, the necessity for pesticides and herbicides is lessened. Made with organic inputs, EcoTea™ is an organic and environmentally-friendly product which is not harmful to people, the environment or its surroundings. It’s your lawn’s best defense against disease and stress.