Thick Cut Sod for Sports Fields, Parks and Golf Courses

Whether it was the local soccer stars tearing up the field, golfers hacking at it the green with their 5-irons or revellers kicking it old school at the music festival, the result is the same. And you need replacement turf, immediately.

The next event is just hours away. Ordinary turf grass isn’t going to cut it. You don’t have weeks or months for the grass to take root. You need a safe, tough, effective solution that you can use, right away.

Lay Down Our Thick-Cut Sod and Host Your Next Event, Immediately

We cut to your specification, up to 3/4-1 inch thick. Our regular Thick Cut Sod can stand up to ordinary wear and tear almost as soon as it’s installed, in just a few hours.

Our Thick-Cut Fibre Reinforced Root System Sod as thick cut provides even more wear resistance, standing up to some of the worst punishment out there, from football and rugby to paintball competitions.

We Deliver and Install Thick-Cut Sod in BC and Alberta

Schedule Western Turf Farms for your next field replacement job and leave all that hard work to us. If you need an entire field replaced or damaged sections patched up, we can handle any job. Schedule us in ahead of your event and you can be sure your field will be ready to go.

Preparation Tips for Thick-Cut Sod

Thick-cut sod is ideal for when you need a fast replacement that’s going to bounce back from heavy foot traffic. However, it does require different maintenance – the thicker the cut, the harder it is to take root and maintain the look and feel you want. We recommend:

  • Topdressing with sand after the sod is installed, to keep the product stable.
  • Core aerate the ground before the sod is laid down. Remove the cores to help the roots catch, faster.

Thick-Cut Sod is the effective solution when you need to lay down a field, fast. Contact us to schedule an installation for your special event.