Summer is here and mowing is on the schedule whether you were ready for it to be or not. Before you start Googling “mowing companies near me,” know the facts. Beautiful, healthy lawns don’t just happen overnight (unless of course, you install our sod), but a great lawn doesn’t necessarily require professional maintenance. At the very least make sure you know what to look for when hiring a mowing company…and what you are giving up.


Know Your Lawn

Taking the time now to determine what type of grass you have, and then mowing regularly to maintain it at its ideal height can save you time, money, and frustration later on by preventing (most) problems before they happen. Here are a few easy tips to get you started!

If your lawn is made of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and/or Fescue (and we are willing to bet it is), then you should be keeping your lawn at about a 3-inch height.  

Lawns that are mown too short will struggle to collect enough sunlight through photosynthesis to support healthy long-term growth, resulting in a thinner lawn over time. “Buzz-cut” lawns also require significantly more water to keep green throughout the summer and creates an ideal opportunity for weeds to take over your lawn.  Keeping your turf grass lawn at a 3-inch height will reduce your water bill, your need for fertilizer, and the risk of damage next winter.

Still worried about watering the lawn? Learn about our Drought Resistant Low Water Sod, Water Sustainability and Your Water Bill

5 Tips to Mow Your Way to a Beautiful Lawn

  1. Know the ideal height. Save yourself thousands of dollars in extra water and fertilizing costs simply by mowing your lawn at the right height.
  2. Avoid removing more than ⅓ of the grass’s total height at one time. Just like any tree, bush, or flower removing too much at once can cause the plant to go into shock, leaving your lawn vulnerable to pests like the Chafer Beetle.
  3. Sharpen your blades! Instead of creating a clean cut, dull blades tear the turf instead, creating a ragged appearance and excessive water loss – meaning you’ll water more in your efforts to keep it green.
  4. Is the grass wet? Don’t mow! Mowers running over wet ground tend to leave unsightly ruts that may develop into ankle-twisting opportunities. Wet grass also tends to clump and clog up the mower deck.
  5. Change up your mowing path. Mowing your lawn the same way over and over again will create wear patterns over time – and an open invitation to weeds. Something as simple as mowing straight across one week and on a slant the next will keep your lawn a solid shade of green.


Which Mower is Best for Me?

You might be surprised to discover that here at Western Turf Farms, our pros often recommend a sturdy manual mower over a riding lawn mower.

Health Benefits

Riding mowers may look like a lot of fun, but after a full day of sitting at the office, in the car, or on the couch, spending a little time outside mowing the lawn sounds like just what the cardiologist ordered. Recent studies have shown that individuals who regularly spend time doing chores around the house tend to have longer, more active lives than those who don’t. Even with a small yard, homeowners get a good work out simply by mowing once a week.

Still not convinced? Consider this: health professionals from around the world agree that spending even a small amount of time outside can significantly improve your mood, lower your stress, and a host of other benefits!

Pro Tip: Using a gas or electric powered mower? Always wear ear protection!


Environmental Benefits

Here at Western Turf Farms, we are excited to see more and more homeowners turning to electric mowers and (our personal favorite) the old-fashioned manual reel mowers! These products offer a quieter, environmentally friendly approach to mowing the lawn. There’s even the added benefit of dramatic cost savings when compared to their gas-powered cousins.

Think about it. Reel mowers don’t burn fossil fuels, don’t add to the greenhouse effect, don’t contribute to local noise pollution. On the other hand, you can still create a beautiful cut while getting a moderate workout.

Did you know? Homeowner’s who mow often and never remove more than ⅓ the height of the lawn can get away with leaving the grass cuttings where they lie without worrying about smothering the lawn. Over time, these cuttings will break down and return nutrients back into the soil for new grass growth. Organic fertilizer at its best!

Economic Benefits

Have you considered spreading the wealth? According to Practical Money Skills, an online resource that helps parents and teachers educate young people about financial literacy: “Learning early how to save and spend wisely is crucial to good money management and teaches other important values. The best way to help your children build solid financial skills is through practical, age-appropriate lessons, which are relevant as they grow into young adults.” Mowing the lawn for parents and neighbors is a great way for young people to begin earning money and more importantly, building their work ethic and self-confidence before leaving home.


“Mowing Companies Near Me”

Feel like life is just too busy to spend time mowing and don’t have a handy teen to hire? Just ask Google! These days, a quick Google search is all it takes to find a list of “mowing companies near me.” Keep in mind that there are a few key factors can help you narrow down the list of companies to call when hiring someone to mow.

Flat Rate vs. By the Hour

Mowing companies come in all shapes and sizes, but they can easily be classified into two basic categories: flat-rate mowing, and per hour mowing. Each approach has pros and cons.

Flat rate companies offer homeowners a fixed price to mow their lawn on a regular basis. This can be great for homeowners who are worried about keeping within a tight budget. The downside is that mowing companies offering flat rates need to mow a certain number of lawns each day to make a profit. That means the person mowing your lawn is going to be moving as quickly as possible to get to the next space. So unless your flat rate company is dedicated to quality, you may find yourself spending more time repairing lawn damage than enjoying it.

By the hour companies charge clients by the number of labor hours (per crew member) to service a property. While this can be more costly, these companies tend to place a higher emphasis on quality over quantity. As an added bonus, by the hour companies tend to be more flexible with scheduling, and more open to providing a one-time service.


Mowing to Promote Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

Beautiful, healthy lawns don’t just happen overnight, but with a little DIY mowing maintenance you can achieve your dream lawn. More importantly, you can set yourself up for a healthier, happier life. Happy mowing!


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